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Management of a call center function, either direct management or via an outsource call center arrangement, is far from a trivial undertaking. The requisite tasks and issues are many and varied:


How do you apply best practice?

Are your service level agreements (SLA's) up to scratch? Do you have them?

Ditto the service level requirements document!

How do you audit/review your operations or management practices?

For call centre outsourcing, what about your contract? Is your transition plan adequate?

Do you personally have a complete understanding of service desk and call center best practices and planning? What about your management team?


If any of the above issues are important to you... we strongly recommend that you study this web site carefully! 



 Call Centre Outsourcing and Call Centre Management  The Call Center Management Toolkit
This is a collection of highly valuable documents and materials. It has been created specifically to help management address all the issues above, and many others. In part its intention is to prevent you having to 're-invent the wheel' - but its value goes well beyond that.


The toolkit comprises the following essential components:


Introduction To Call Center Strategic Management

This is a detailed introduction to Call Center Management, from a strategic perspective. It covers a myriad of issues, including: aligning the call center to the business, identifying the key issues, etc. It even provides materials for the basis of a workshop to tackle the issues. 

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A Service Level Agreement

A quality service level agreement is core to both outsourcing and general call center management. The toolkit includes an extensive blueprint for a complete service level agreement, each clause can be accepted 'as is' or edited to reflect a specific need.

Call Center Service Level Agreement Sample Pages


The Call Center Management Presentation & Training Module

This is a comprehensive 75 foil presentation on Call Center Management (service desk) best practices - inclusive of excellent speaker notes!  It studies: positioning, organizational aspects, a process approach, technology issues, terminology, tool selection, people issues and making improvements. It has in fact been called 'a complete training course in a box'! 

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A Benchmarking Metrics Audit Kit

This is an Excel based questionnaire/checklist designed to audit and review service management. It can be applied against your own service, a potential outsourcing provider, or indeed, a third party.

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Service Desk Fact and Reference Sheets

This is simple reference guide distilled from the ITIL protocol. It studies the goals, activities, results, costs and benefits of a disciplined approach. 

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Transition Plan (Outsourcing)

The transition arrangements in an call center outsource scenario are of course critical. This is a comprehensive plan/guide for moving the buyer's work to the supplier's environment in a timely and efficient manner

Call Centre Outsourcing Transition Plan Sample Pages


A Service Level Requirements Template

Actually defining your service level requirements (SLR's) is an essential step. This is a pre-written template designed to help ensure that all the necessary issues are covered and covered properly.

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A Contract BluePrint (Outsourcing)

This draft generic contract is flexible enough to withstand the inevitable changes that will occur in the market and with respect to technology during the length of an outsource call center agreement. It covers everything from arbitration to costs, from support to responsibilities. It is an excellent basis from which to form a durable and sustainable contract.

Call Center Outsourcing Contract Sample Pages


The Call Center Outsource and Management Toolkit is provided primarily in MS-Word format, and is designed to prove invaluable in understanding and addressing all these key issues and many more. It provides an outstanding framework for the  management a successful call center function. 



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